Thinking of Costs For New Year’s Resolutions
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Thinking of Costs For New Year’s Resolutions

I am still trying to think what it is that I want to do in 2018 as each year I usually try to do something new that I haven’t tried before. For one item I was thinking it would require me to invest in some new resources which is kind of expensive. It made me wonder though as time should be more valuable than money they say. It got me to think of the question do you create new year’s resolutions based on money or do you make one regardless and then find ways to do it?

I usually do factor in finances as usually I want to do something every day for whatever the resolution may be. So as a result it has to be feasible in every way in regards to time and money. I find this actually gets me to follow through with it as well as opposed to things such as spending a ton of money on a membership and then doing nothing with it.

Funny how being organized financially this way can also translate to having more motivation to finish something in the year huh? I usually think of the budgets based on each day as well to give some perspective on how much I have to do to make it worth it. Otherwise it’s like going to some expensive buffet and only eating one dish. Doesn’t matter if you can afford it immediately where if you aren’t really fully taking advantage of it there is probably better solution.

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