If There Was No Such Thing As Money In Your Life
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If There Was No Such Thing As Money In Your Life

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I was watching this video today that talked about poverty and issues about welfare. It gave a perspective on how the wealthy is dependent on welfare in a sense. For example, if a large company is paying people extremely low wages then in a way they are dependent on the government to take care of people so they don’t have to. You can see the video here:

It made me think, if there was no such thing as money how would you live your life as a means of surviving? Or at the same time, if you were a company that required one employee how would you compensate them without actual money? The only thing that came to my mind is accommodations and food. For example, the company would actually give the employee a place to live with free food as a form of trade for working for the business.

In many ways it is kind of like the more artistic industries where many people literally trade their skills for nothing more than being fed very well for the day. Makes me wonder if financially it makes more sense to develop proper resources where people can self-sustain themselves as opposed to just giving money. If money never existed then I am pretty sure most people would learn skills to actually build their own form of housing or grow their own food for example.

I always find it interesting to watch stuff like this in general though as it gives you a perspective on all the stuff you think you need to buy in life with money when in reality that may not be the case at all.

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  • ZK Green 3/14/2018

    There is no such thing as money. Money is an illusion.

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