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The Secret DVD – My Opinion

So people have been asking me to watch this DVD called “The Secret” which apparently aired on Oprah and so I guess that has created an automatic buzz for it. It is suppose to show how anyone can get the things they want in life if they ask for it and that everything revolves around “The Law of Attraction.” I usually absorb new information with an open mind, so I thought why not since I got requests to do so and figured it can only help people by providing an objective opinion on it. Just for fun too, I watched it with a person who I guess this DVD would target more as many times he believes certain people are just lucky or that people are born gifted to experience what most would consider a huge success. I say to him otherwise of course as I believe it is all about being committed and following through.

The DVD is presented in this historical and mysterious type of fashion where all the great leaders and successful people that we knew and know have this special knowledge about life that makes them say very wealthy, accomplish great things and so fourth. The DVD dubs this as “The Secret” and implies that many people in the past kept this to themselves to maintain their own status quo. Basically, this is suppose to be a monumental event where this knowledge is now open to the public by simply watching this

From watching it the entire message is basically for you to think positive and that as long as you remain committed to your vision on what you want to achieve then it will happen. Now in terms of that I would agree. On a funny note while watching this the person who was watching it with me kept turning his head in an embarrassed type of way whenever one of the speakers on the DVD said things such as anyone can do anything they truly believe in as I usually tell him things like that, which he doesn’t really believe in, and he would joke to me that I must have pre-planned some of the contents on the DVD to prove my point.

In my opinion, this isn’t really a secret as it is pretty common knowledge. What the DVD basically does in my view is that it re-packages a message about having a positive can do attitude in life by presenting it with its own terminologies, process descriptions and advice on how to remain positive and focused in obtaining a lifestyle. For example, let’s say we want to drink some water as we need to remain healthy and to make sure that it is safe to drink we would boil it. Now instead I tell you that you can run water through what is know as the “heat cleansing process” before you drink it as you can be drinking dirty water without knowing which is bad for you and that using the “heat cleansing process” will give you “active water” which your body needs and is what healthy and successful people do. Now obviously I just made up those terms. While it is true when you think about it, I made one sound more exclusive than it really is when really it’s the same thing to what we already know in a more fancy form.

In the end, I thought that the message that this DVD was presenting was great as one’s attitude and perspective in life is usually the ultimate determent on how well you can do when it comes to anything. However, I would really suggest that one should read between the lines as oppose to taking everything on what is said literally. For example, one thing they showed in the DVD was for you to go into a room all by yourself every so often and if you wanted a car then you would sit there and literally think and mimic if you were in the car. I mean, if you really have to do that to get a positive attitude in life then by all means do so, but the main thing to take away is that you first need to be positive and know that you can achieve your goal. The same thing goes for all of the scientific-like type of explanations.

In many ways I think people like the idea of being in an exclusive club or knowing something that others don’t so in that way I can see how this DVD can make it easier to explain the benefits of a can do attitude in life to those who would say otherwise normally as the DVD does a pretty decent job in story telling it in their own way and style. Again though, if you do watch this then I suggest that you look at it objectively while absorbing the key points that it is essentially portraying.

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