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The Real Thing or A Toy

I was looking at these plastic kitchen toy sets for kids recently where you could buy things such as a mini oven where younger people can pretend to be cooking and all. They take up a lot of room as well. I then saw what appeared to be a plastic table and chair set where kids can pretend to have a tea party. For the most part it seemed like kid sized table where you can seat about four people. The surprising thing was the price as it was over $100.

I was just thinking, can’t you just buy a real table with chairs for about the same price? Especially for something those sizes it’s almost like buying a small table you would use to hold fruits on at an event. You can even buy say cheap chairs or stools to replicate pretty much the same thing. I’m sure this route will give you a lot more creative options as well in terms of trying to find the right set item. Guess the question is whether or not people would be inclined to just use it as say a toy set for the kids to play.

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