The Power of A Connection

The Power of A Connection

I was thinking today as I agreed to volunteer to help some people on a project. What was interesting was that these people were looking for help before and apparently found people who bulked out the last minute. So they were in a way desperate. There was one person in the group who wasn’t in charge of finding people but he actually knew me from some previous work. Therefore, he reached out to me to ask if I would be open to helping. Provided it didn’t conflict with anything else I was happy to help based on the working relationship we established already.

It made me think how if this was like a traditional business environment you could have like a team of people spending thousands of dollars trying to recruit the right talent to help you on your project. Even then it might not even work out for whatever reason. In this case because one person had the right connection he was able to reach me to solve all that in one go.

Kind of shows the importance on whatever it is you are doing that you should try and meet as many people as possible while establishing a good reputation of sorts. You just never know when someone with a specific skill-set can be just what you need. It sure can save a lot of money too on the whole scouting and research aspect of finding the right people to work with.

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