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The New Normal of Sales Starting At 12:01am

The New Normal of Sales Starting At 12:01am

I will be one of those people who are prepared to take advantage of any good deals tomorrow for things that I need. While I will most likely still drop by a physical store, online shopping is what I use most to take advantage of sales events like many people. Many businesses of course want to take advantage of this. As a result, you start to see businesses advertising that its sales start at 12:01am.

For me that is like the new normal time to start hunting for deals on large sales event days. Before it would be something like 6am as stores open its doors for a flood of consumers. Now, it’s like shortly before midnight you have to prepare to have all your browser windows opened while hitting refresh for the sales to start.

I actually think its easier this way too personally in terms of staying up later rather than waking up way earlier to endure the lineups and all. Time to get ready.

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