The Need To Pay For The Generosity of Others
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The Need To Pay For The Generosity of Others

For the past couple of weeks a person has been generously helping me out by giving me advice and direction for a situation that he would normally expect to be receive some upfront financial compensation for before doing anything. I even made a comment to him on how it felt like I was being a freeloader of sort. Although, he told me not to think that way as it is his decision to do it.

I always believed in trying to help others as much as possible. It’s kind of awkward to be on the receiving end of it though when it comes to a situation that should technically be a commercial transaction. Now it’s just crossing my mind on what I can to repay the person, so to speak, for going through all this effort.

It’s usually things like this that motivate me to try and do more when it comes to accomplishing things financially too. It’s not so much what you can get for yourself but rather what you can do for others afterwards too.

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