The More You Explore Your Neighbourhood The More You Save
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The More You Explore Your Neighbourhood The More You Save

This was an interesting observation a person had where at first they were wondering how in the world I always find so many deals when it comes to things like groceries as that must take a ton of time investment to do so. Honestly it doesn’t as I usually just pass by various places on the way where if I see a great deal then I either buy or make note of it for later. This is as opposed to the perception that I am literally visiting every store in the city each day.

So a comment came up on how the more the person thought about it they knew of another individual who constantly found deals ever since he decided to walk more versus using the vehicle. Walking more resulted in him passing by more large supermarkets and smaller grocery stores versus always taking a highway full of cars as a travel path as an example. Like for myself there you just discover more places during your travels.

I often find too that once I discover these new places I tend to try and plan a travel route where I can quickly drop by to see if there is anything good on sale. Exploring your area can be fun too I find. The more places you know the more options you will have to get better deals.

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