The Idea of Stocking Up Products Simply To Help Others
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The Idea of Stocking Up Products Simply To Help Others

I had a fun conversation online today where there were some people who were interested in the Blue Yeti Microphone which you may remember I was able to buy on Amazon Prime day for extremely cheap. I was expressing how if they knew me before I would have bought a lot more. Of course, that got a reaction and some people were suggesting that I should have stocked up on it anyways since it was so cheap.

It would feel a little weird though considering I don’t run a retail business as an example. Having to pay everything out of your own pocket at first and then finding a place to store it would seem a bit much. I can’t imagine it being a smart idea for some things. Example, a $5000 TV that is on a price error type of sale for like $1000. Imagine stocking up on like three of those and just waiting for one of your friends to take it off of you at cost.

I feel the better solution is to just try and connect with as many people in life as you can in general. Example, I know for myself I hunt for deals all the time and love to help people save money on the things that they would have normally paid full price for. Stocking up deals for people though without any guarantees they will take it can probably get out of hand. Sure you can resell it, but that’s kind of like making it into a business now. So for everyone that wanted deals like that, just connect with me and introduce yourself. 😀

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