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The Idea of Bundle Purchases With Strangers To Save Money

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While at the grocery store today I was thinking of buying some carrots where they had a 5 pound bag for about $3.95 and a two pound bag for $1.99. As well, if you purchased two five pound bags of carrots it would cost $2.99 per bag. That was clearly a better deal of course. However, I didn’t really want to buy ten pounds worth of carrots today. At the same time, it feels like such a waste of money to go with the other options.

While thinking which one to get I first saw two people decide whether they want the five pound bag or the two pound. One person told the other that $3.95 seemed too much and so based on price they went with the $1.99. There was then another person who went with the five pound bag without much thought where they would have to pay $3.95 for it.

In these cases, I could of went up to them and asked if they would like to simply combine our grocery purchases where in the end the both of us would get more for our money. Imagine that for a shopping cart full of items that have deals in a similar manner. Sure makes me wish we were all taught to do stuff like this as in many ways there isn’t really a negative this unless you hate the idea of socializing with strangers. Waiting for the day someone invents an app for this.

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