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The Gift of Experience Versus A Physical Gift

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It’s Black Friday shopping for a lot of people soon and one friend was telling me that he was ready to buy over $5000 worth of stuff. The thing was it consisted of gifts mostly. At first I thought there must be a lot of people on his list. In reality, it was just a few select people that fell under the category of they already own everything. Therefore, it seemed like the answer to this was to just get something even more expensive.

What I find interesting about that is most people assume people buy those expensive items because they are say egotistical about how much money they have. A lot of the times from what I see anyways people just spend a load of money because they just can’t think of what to buy or get that would be creative/meaningful as a gift. Therefore, it is more of a substitute. This is usually when the questions come too where the person just blunt out asks what the other wants as a gift. Of course, the answer is usually nothing and that it is okay as they want you to save your money. I guess like in many cases people do the opposite of what you tell them huh?

As dumb as it sounds, many times people that have the materialistic items have never even done the simple things. For example, going to a certain park/area where you get a really good view of the city or even some natural nature items. Because of that it’s something new and can be valued just as much as a n expensive gift. I suppose with that in mind instead of always thinking of gifts as something that the person must physically own that it can be about the experience mostly too. You’d be surprised at how many things there are that people have never done where you introducing it to them can be like a gift on its own.

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