The First Entry
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The First Entry

Hello to everyone who has stumbled upon my personal blog on the Internet. Everyone is probably wondering what this blog is all about and why I decided to write one right? Sounds like the perfect topic to write about as this is my first official entry for this blog.

I personally consider myself a very ambitious individual who always strives to be the best at what I do while constantly growing and expanding my life experiences as there is so much to do and learn in life. While money isn’t everything in life, it definitely does play a role in determining what type of lifestyle one can live. Every day I hear of people who struggle to pay bills or individuals who drool over the thought of owning the latest and greatest. Bottom line, they all complain that they don’t have enough money. I’m personally not a millionaire, not for now at least, but in terms of finance and being able to get the things that I really want, such as going to school without worrying too much about tuition or buying a video game without fearing that my credit card is going to be declined, I have done fairly well for myself. Many of my friends and colleagues also recognize my financial stability and often joke that I am some kind of billionaire.

Quite honestly, most of the people that I have met who complain about their financial situations can easily turn things around if they would just change their habits and attitude. While I do many things to generate an income, one would automatically assume that the answer to their financial problems would be to simply make more money. How you spend it though is also an important factor to consider as I’m sure everyone has read of stories of wealthy individuals becoming broke. Hopefully from writing this blog, I can aspire people to take control of their financial situations and by sharing the events happening around my life it could provide others with ideas to help enrich their lives.

Writing this blog may also come with some consequences as due to the nature of the theme topic, I am prepared to take a lot of criticism from people who feel that they can offer superior advice and lets not forget about the amount of spam I will probably receive from people trying to pitch ways on how I can get rich quick. As I mentioned above, learning different things are always goals that I strive to achieve and writing this blog is something new for me which I hope you all will find beneficial and entertaining.

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