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The Cost of Being Brand Educated Only

The other day my dad was telling me that he was looking for some laundry detergent as he was running out and so he asked me if I knew of any good deals. At the moment he was no extreme rush and so during a usual get together we visited some places to compare prices. For myself I was immediately looking at things like the quantity of the detergent you would be getting to see which one was the best deal as well as the materials in the detergent. However, for himself he was basically stuck with one brand and was focused mainly on that. He would even use marketing slogans from the company as if it translated to the detergent itself somehow being different.

This was one of those cases where a person doesn’t really know anything about the item itself in its bare-bone form and so they feel uncomfortable buying different brands. It was almost to the point where he would pay more because he is simply scared to try anything else. This kind of reminded me on how years ago many people were stuck on the thought that AOL was the Internet and so people were afraid to compare the service itself without the marketing to see if there are any better options.

For myself I usually like to learn exactly how a certain product is made in its bare-bone form. Afterwards the brand itself to me is more of a study on how well they market the product in an effort to distinguish itself. That’s not to say certain brands don’t have a better reputation than others of course. However, I usually treat the education that these companies give you about how things work as a jump start to learn more on your own so that you become more educated about your purchases which usually means you become a savvier and more frugal shopper.

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