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The Bad Side To Not Sharing Your Negative Experiences With Others

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I was reading in the news recently about a person named Timothy Szabolcsi who is pretty much labelled as a con artist such as making people think he was a doctor of sort and ultimately causing people to spend thousands of dollars for his benefit. You can see a sample of the report here:

This really got me thinking, how is it possible that a person with this kind of history was able to financially dupe so many people? For example, by the sounds of it a simple background check would have probably verified or denied a lot of details. As well, if the person has conned that many people how is it that all these people haven’t banded together to build a case against the person to stop any potential further abuse from happening?

For myself, I share my stories all the time if I am 100% sure that the person or business in question is lying to defraud me or someone else as I feel I am essentially helping them to harm others if I don’t. I think the most common reason I hear is that people simply want to move on and not having anything to do with the person in general. At the same time, they are afraid of retaliation or the attention they will receive as a result of exposing them. Reading stories like this though, it should make you think twice.

Even for people or companies that I can’t verify 100% on what their intentions were, in terms of something that clearly comes across as them trying to deceive others for their personal financial gain, I always keep a well-documented record of it where if I hear another person with a similar story or experience then I am fully ready to contribute to the case, so to speak, to protect future victims. You never know how many lives you can essentially protect financially by doing so.

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