The Apprentice Season Six – Episode 4
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The Apprentice Season Six – Episode 4

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This episode starts off with a little bit of a change as team Arrow acquired one of team Kinetic’s member that ended up being Surya. The task in this episode was that both teams would create and sell a new item for the El Pollo Loco restaurant based on the restaurant’s original signature item the El Pollo Loco Bowl. Whoever sold the most would win the task. Team Arrow came up with a dish they called the “Chicken Tortilla Bowl” and Team Kinetic dubbed their creation as the “Paradise Pollo Bowl.” The interesting thing was that team Kinetic’s dish was the original El Pollo Loco Bowl with mango and pineapple added to it.

For marketing, the show seemed to emphasized on how Marissa on team Kinetic was advocating that they should send people out wearing giant chicken suits to help promote the dish on the streets, but the idea along with her other suggestions were rejected by her team. When the doors opened for business, Team Arrow’s creation seemed to have gathered the most support as customers were enjoying their dish more it seemed. An interesting event happened on Team Arrow’s side as Aaron, the project manager, decided to send two of his teammates out to generate some bulk sales of the dish. In doing so, they had less staff to serve the existing customers which created obstacles. While it was suggested to Aaron to call the two people back, he decided not to still and it paid off as the team came back with a bulk sale of 22 bowls. In the end, Team Arrow sold over $400 of their creation and team Kinetic sold $313.54.

Now in the boardroom it looked like Marissa had extreme difficulties in maintaining her composure as she kept interrupting everyone including Donald Trump whenever anyone said anything that involved her whether it was positive or negative. The entire team of Kinetic thought that Marissa should be the one to go as the conscience was that the task was loss due to a marketing failure and Marissa animatedly mentioned how her ideas kept getting rejected and that if the team had gone with the chicken suit idea that they would have likely won. It was all about the chicken suit it seemed after that which was kind of entertaining. There was a moment where Marissa just kept going on and on in interrupting everyone and that drove Trump to tell her to shut up. Towards the end, Marissa blurted out how she shouldn’t even be in the boardroom and that seemed to have sealed her fate. I guess that kind of shows the unwillingness to take accountability in any way which kind of persuaded Trump to take the team’s thoughts in firing her more seriously it seems and in the end Marissa was fired.

The chicken suit…the chicken suit…. That seems to be stuck in my head now. I thought that in this episode Team Arrow showed a great example of taking a calculated risk where two people were sent of to try and land a huge sale despite it affecting one’s overall staff members within the restaurant. That’s often a hard decision to make as demonstrated here as you have to constantly juggle what people tell you against what you think is the best choice. For Marissa, it’s too bad that she couldn’t control herself as she seemed to be one of the more honest people with a lot of flare.

In my opinion, I think if she composed herself better she would of actually been able to put Heidi on the spotlight instead as in many ways to me it looked like the leadership aspect of this task was overlooked due to all of the fiasco about the chicken suit that Marissa kept bringing up. Even if people are ganging up on you like that, like many people say would you rather be the victim or the victor? A change in attitude can go a long way.

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