The Apprentice Season Six – Episode 3
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The Apprentice Season Six – Episode 3

Wow, this episode is definitely one of the more memorable ones that I have seen out of all the episodes and seasons so far. More about that a little later. What happened this time around was that team Kinetic did not have to do a task at all since they won last week and this time around the Arrow team was split into two groups. The task this time around was that the two teams had to create a tour based on a made up theme of their choice and the team with the highest approval rating from the tourists would win. I thought there was an interesting foreshadow of what was about to happen when the teams were split up as the candidate Aaron stepped up and volunteered to be a project manager for one team and afterwards no one else jumped in to lead another. Because of that, Trump just asked if Michelle would want to lead and she just had that deer in a headlight reaction as it was apparent that she didn’t really want to do it but did it anyways since she was put on the spot.

Overall, Aaron’s team pretty much dominated in every way that you can think of. Their theme was called “Famous places, Beautiful faces” and they got this smart idea to feature the Laker girls in their tour. As you can tell, their tour revolved around visiting areas that are either famous or involves celebrities in some way. Michelle’s team had a theme of “A day in the life of the rich and famous” and they basically visited famous landmarks while talking about its history. It looked like a complete disaster for them as nothing seemed to be going right for them. Everything from microphones not working to their tour guide speeches simply sounding like it was poorly improvised. I the end, Aaron’s team received an approval rating of 82% and Michelle’s team received a rating of 58%. It wasn’t even close.

Now this was the moment that made this episode very interesting. Since Michelle’s team lost that meant that someone would be fired on her team. When Trump was about to send the people out to deliberate on who would be the one to get fired, Michelle then commented on how the interview process is nothing like what she expected and that she wanted to take herself out of the candidate pool. Everyone definitely reacted at that comment. Her main reason that she kept mentioning was factors such as how they had to sleep in tents outside when the weather is freezing cold and all. She then commented on how she would love to be considered for a role with Trump’s company through a more traditional route in the future. My personal take on this is that she knew she was probably going to be the one that was going to be fired and that this was just a way to save face so to speak. I think it made it pretty obvious to conclude that when she was asked if she had won would she be saying the same thing and she stuttered before answering.

This then got Trump to talk about how he feels about people who quit in general when the going gets tough. It actually sounded a lot like the audio where he talks about success which I posted on my blog and you can click here to find it. I personally do agree that some of the elements this time around such as the losing team having to sleep outside of tents to be a little on the Survivor side and it doesn’t seem like it adds much to the show overall. For this situation though, that just felt like a cop out excuse from a person who knew that she did a horrible job and rather than facing her potential consequence she decided to run. I guess that dives into the real debate of this all on whether or not there truly are times in cases like these where one should simply give up or if that simply makes you a quitter in life. Trump uses a harsher word as he calls people losers who quit. That’s a little too harsh I’d say.

In my opinion, it’s one thing to quit something if it is due to superficial reasons like say you broke your leg and so you have to take yourself out of a track team, but when someone quits just because it is difficult or not what they expected, I personally agree that one would probably regret it for the rest of their life as you don’t know how far you truly could have gone especially in this case where you knew it was going to be tough to begin with and it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for you. I don’t mean to generalize in anyway either, but from my personal experience the people that I have met in my lifetime who always seem to run into the corner and give up whenever things are getting tough are also the people who seem to be the least successful in anything. People will probably use this against her now whenever she talks about anything related to business. As an example, a quote from her bio says.

“Michelle also founded Urban Circle, an LA-based non-profit organization designed to empower children through participation in physically challenging activities. Michelle, who currently resides in Santa Monica, CA, says she should be the next Apprentice because she has “the integrity, smarts and drive to make anything possible.”

Kind of makes it hard for her to back that up now based on what happened. I also recognize that sometimes it is more about how you come back from failure than the failure itself, but in this case I don’t think giving up and failing is the same thing. This was one of the more interesting episodes definitely so far.

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  • The Masked Man 1/29/2007

    Did you notice Michelle also appears in the P90X infomercial? P90X is a *90 DAY* extreme physical fitness program. If Michelle graduated from P90X, she definitely is NOT a quitter. She mentioned getting “great new health” in the BuddyTV interview which I assume references this.

    I don’t think it’s a bad thing to quit something if it’s not working out for you. I do think Trump was being hypocritical for putting Michelle down for quitting. Michelle could have simply refuted this argument by asking Trump how many marriages did he “quit”.

    Ironically, this probably wouldn’t make for “good” reality television as it hits too close to home.

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