Testing People’s Financial Motives

Testing People’s Financial Motives

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Awhile ago I got a message from a person talking about an event that happened quite a bit ago. My initial instinct from getting the message was that they wanted something but didn’t want to bluntly say it because that’s not what people do when you try to sell something. From what I gathered though, the person was struggling to get business and so this was kind of like the personal strategy to get the some immediate customers from people they know.

Maybe I am too nice, but I usually play along in these cases for the sheer benefit of the doubt that maybe they genuinely are trying to say offer something good as opposed to worrying about their own bottom line. Unfortunately, in this case it did turn out to be more of the cash grab scenario where they simply tried to get as many people they knew.

You can usually tell from things such as how hard they are throwing themselves on certain people. Interestingly enough, it’s who they are not paying attention to that I find tells a lot. To me, I know everyone must have spent something to be at the event. So if they are not treating everyone equally as important per se then it’s safe to say most people are simply just a number for their bank account.

Although, one interesting point of this too from the other end is if you don’t ask you never know when it comes to making a potential sale.

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