Telus Bill Error Refund Text Message Scam
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Telus Bill Error Refund Text Message Scam

I guess these things are still going on where today I saw a text message on my phone claiming that the telecommunications company Telus accidentally billed me for something they shouldn’t have. Therefore, I should click on the link to find out more. The message stated the following from the number 1-240-322-3127:

TELUS: CAD75.5 want sent [REF#2688] due to an error charge on your last bill. Click Here.

Of course I did not click as these things as they usually try and steal your information. The obvious factor on how I knew this was a scam too is that I am not even signed up with the company. As usual, delete and ignore this stuff.


  • Dolores Ellingboe 4/23/2022

    I did reply and how do I secure my information after the fact? Feeling very stupid!

  • Alan Yu 5/1/2022


    I would make sure to change items like your password or pin numbers if you provided them with such information as a start.

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