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Teaching People To Take The Higher Valued Items When It Makes Sense

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Yesterday I was at a restaurant with the family and my nephew ordered something from the kids menu. This included things like a main course, drink and dessert. Normally the restaurant would expect a child to get some kind of juice, but in this case he simply asked for water. His dad then told him he should order the juice and give it someone else if he didn’t want it.

My nephew’s reaction was kind of funny as he then commented by saying “I will have nothing to drink then.” It was then explained to him that he would be drinking the water still as it is free. They tried to further explain that since they paid for the meal which included a paid drink you may as well not waste money and give it to someone who would want it. I had to then use an analogy with toys before he got it.

It made me think how something this simple needs to be taught even for adults at times. There could packages where one of the bundled items inside is not what you wanted but since it is a higher valued you could easily resell it for a lot of profit to then buy the exact item you want and more. More commonly too, making a purchase that qualifies you to get something else for free or at an extremely discounted price which you don’t take.

If you paid your hard earned money to get something you may as well not waste all the benefits that come with it.

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