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Teaching People To Be Dependent On A Brand

Today I was hearing about how someone was trying to educate themselves in a topic and of course they were encouraged to search the Internet for some tips and advice using a search engine. While this is pretty common nowadays, it was interesting I thought as people were telling her that she should “Google” it. Basically, in a new person’s mind they would think the term “Google” is basically “Search Engine” to the point where they think that would be their only choice and hence becoming dependent on the brand.

This almost reminds me of when Internet service providers were still rising and AOL was pretty much the largest dial-up provider. It was almost the same thing as when people asked what was the Internet the answer they would get is AOL and so everyone was oblivious about Internet access from a generic point of view as in their dictionary Internet access was AOL. I usually try to avoid explaining things as if the brand is the item/service as for the less knowledgeable it can usually cause them to spend more. A more common everyday item are bandages where there is a brand called Band-Aid and many times people are told to buy that brand and so people become accustomed to thinking that is the only option.

I guess it’s good if you are the business itself. But, it might be better to educate people from the start so that they are more aware of all of their options.

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