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Targeting A Specific Culture of People

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So the other day I attended this event called the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra In the Park where people of the public can essentially see a concert for free. At this event they were playing classical music with some of them being tracks from popular movies such a Star Wars. It was interesting in the sense where even the event organizers recognized that most people would know what that is where it would attract a crowd too as they want more people to attend these kinds of events.

It made me think how targeting a specific culture of people can often be a key to success. I remember one example where there was a person who specifically tried to focus their target to movie lovers where they didn’t get the reaction they thought they would. So for whatever reason the person switched to target people in the gaming culture and things just took off.

I have seen this happen many times when it comes to artistic and food creations too where simply changing the cultural theme was all people had to do to be successful. So even for business I suppose it’s good to try and experience a lot in life to give you an understanding of the type of people there are to market to.

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