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Target Canada Liquidation As Early As February 5 2015

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Word on the street is that Target Canada is planning to have its Canada wide store liquidation sale this week starting on February 5th. I know quite a few people who have been frequently going into the stores in hopes to snag high ticket items at rock bottom prices. But today I was hearing that there have been meetings about various stores that will begin to setup the signage for the liquidation sale some time Wednesday evening and early Thursday morning this week.

For some sales like these I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much if you are looking for something big as there is a possibility that a lot of the inventory will be handled by a third party liquidator as an example. Therefore, the store would simply be trying to get rid of all those smaller items. I would personally treat it as trying to randomly find good clearance deals. Either way, I will check it out for sure. I am sure there will be a ton of small businesses that will try to find good sales to resell in their own shops.

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