Taking A Risk That People Will Just Accept Shortcomings

Taking A Risk That People Will Just Accept Shortcomings

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I couldn’t believe this recently where there was a person who essentially advertised that he was going to host a pretty high end event and that no one would want to miss it. He gave the impression that he was going to use a lot of high end materials and services to ensure that everyone will walk away with an incredible experience.

As it would appear he knew that he wouldn’t be able to secure the necessary resources in order to pull the event off as advertised. Instead of being honest about it or simply cancelling it he went ahead with the event pretending that nothing is wrong. Of course once people got to see how it turned out you bet there were a lot of disgruntled customers.

From what I gather he essentially rolled the dice and hoped that no one would make a big deal about it while just simply accepting the shortcomings. That wasn’t the case of course which makes you wonder in those cases would you personally still go through with something knowing that you aren’t going to be able to deliver what was advertised? Sure you may lose a lot of money but is your reputation worth that risk?

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