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Taking Too Much Even If It Is Free

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Today was the solar eclipse and I definitely wanted to try and get a glimpse of it. I went to a place called Science World and apparently they were handing out free sunglasses for people to enjoy the event as for one you can’t really see the eclipse without it here and two it is unsafe to stare up without it. Now to my understanding since there was a limited supply they tried to limit it to one per group which people can share. However there were some families who took say five for themselves which left a lot of people without one.

In some cases people would take two such as one to wear for themselves while putting one in front of their camera lens to capture some pictures. I was just thinking here while it’s usually a great deal to get stuff for free I think at times like these you really have to think of others and the spirit to giving those items away. It’s one thing if companies are just giving stuff away as they have too much but in the case of special events like these consideration for others is needed.

It kind of reminds me at times why many people get annoyed of a very frugal person in a stereotypical way as the assumption is they often horde stuff like this when they shouldn’t. Sharing is caring.

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