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Taking Free Stuff With The Honor System Versus As Part of A Package

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I saw something funny today where there was a large tray of cookies for anyone to take. It was meant to be shared with a group of people. So what was funny was how I a saw one person take a container of sorts where he began to fill it up with cookies to take home. There wasn’t anything wrong with that per se say, but it did make me think would you ever feel weird just hoarding a bunch of free stuff like in this example?

In these types of cases I personally feel I should just limit myself to like what I would actually consume as I feel it kind of takes advantage of that trust system that is in place. Most people wouldn’t say anything either just to avoid conflict. Cause like in this case it almost reminds me of a buffet. They don’t expect people to like bring in huge containers to pack food on the go.

I think for me the only time I wouldn’t mind taking as much as I can is if getting free stuff was like the incentive of purchasing a continuous service. Example, subscribing to a telecommunications service would provide you a pass where you can go to a paid venue for free as much as you want. Because in those cases the free item is kind of a part of the value in the money you are spending. Do you personally feel weird for taking too much free stuff in any of these cases to save money?

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