Taking Constant Expensive Gifts
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Taking Constant Expensive Gifts

Seems like that news of Donald Sterling making those racist comments can’t stop popping up due to the lady, named Stiviano, that is in the forefront of the news as a result of her coming out with her version of the story. For the most part it seems like every interviewer was trying to get her to explain why Sterling would gift her things like a car and a house. Of course, the assumption is she got involved with him in an intimate relationship way which she denies.

I was just thinking, if anyone kept dumping tons of money to you for no reason or give you lavish gifts would you simply keep taking it? I don’t know all the fine details about US tax laws, but I was thinking too how if a person just gave you this large valuable item it’s probably going to turn into a tax issue sooner or later as well. Kind of reminds me of stories like how contestants on the game show The Price Is Right aren’t aware that when you win those prizes you have to be prepared to pay taxes on them.

I don’t remember the exact question, but there was a part in one of the interviews where she was asked something along the lines of if she paid taxes on all the stuff/income she was getting and she was saying how she couldn’t answer that. Guess like they say, nothing is truly free.

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