Taking Away Privileges If You Ask For Money
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Taking Away Privileges If You Ask For Money

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I have been reading that story about the mother that has had octoplets through unnatural means. Like many, I personally think it was a very irresponsible thing to do and I’m inclined to say it was intentionally done to a certain extent for either wealth or fame.

Not surprisingly, the mother is asking for things like donations and many people have an apprehensive view to it. One of the more common views was that instead of donating her money to take care of the children, she should simply give the children up for adoption to people who have the financial stability and resources to take care of them.

The conscience it seems was that people have no idea what she would spend the money on since apparently she has spent a lot of money on items like plastic surgery. That’s kind of interesting too I thought as in many ways that reminds of like a business structure. Hence, if you ask for money from outside sources that are not a loan generally that means you lose something such as control of the company in exchange for that.

Does it make sense for situations like this? That is the question of course. I guess it is kind of trickier considering the circumstances of this being children and taking them away from the parent.

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  • Sharolyn Norris 3/11/2009

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I have four children and when I was struggling to support them there was no one there for my husband and me. Don’t have children unless you can raise them!

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