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Surveys On Your Receipt

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Today while buying an item from the store I was looking at the receipt on how it asks people to take a quick customer service survey so that they know how well they are doing. As an incentive they are willing to give people free gift certificates and even items. I was thinking as the reward itself was kind of an equal or better value to what I bought. So in a sense it’s almost like a buy one get one free offer. Think of it like a a restaurant where if you order even just one burger then filling out this survey will give you a code to get a free burger on our next visit without the need of purchasing anything more.

Even so most people would probably just ignore these right? It almost makes me curious to look at the receipt more for these offers as in some cases it’s almost like throwing free money away. I know for myself these surveys usually only gives you a chance to win like a gift-card which is why I don’t bother unless I really want to give feedback. However, if more places are straight up offering free items then that’s something to look into.

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