Supporting People Before They Become Big
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Supporting People Before They Become Big

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Usually when it comes to investing things like stocks it’s common knowledge that you want to invest in a company early on before they become super big. Your small investment can essentially turn into a fortune. Now trying to guess which one is going to go big in the future is the guessing game everyone plays of course. This got me thinking as I was recently thinking on how many times people don’t just invest in say a company but rather people. There could be various reasons for this such as people believe investing in a person will be good for a specific field or someone wants to be on their good side should they ever become big.

With some examples I was seeing it was kind of interesting to see how when it comes to investing in people many only want to do it once the person is already super successful. You would think for a person one would more likely remember the people who supported them way before they were well off per se. Therefore, kind of like investing into a company way later when they are already established probably won’t get you as far if you hope in doing so was to establish a connection of sort.

I know for myself this is very true as generally speaking it’s often a shark eat shark world and you want to know who are the people that are truly there for you. So when people start showing up after you tend to think it’s all purely for business reasons and should treat it as such in many ways. For me too if I truly want to help or invest in people in general in various ways I often find it is more fulfilling as well to help them during the beginning if possible. It’s a good feeling knowing that your help can go a long way.

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