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Super Bowl 43 Business And Commercial Ads

I am one of those people who are actually a bit more interested in the ads than the actual game when it comes to the super bowl. I enjoy watching football, but I don’t exactly follow it through the regular seasons or anything. The ads always interests me as many companies spend millions of dollars just for that small commercial spot to grab your attention.

I saw this statistic as you can see with this screenshot where NBC apparently sold 69 ads for about $209 Million. Roughly speaking, each company paid about $3 million per advertisement spot.

For me I had to watch some live streams from US sources to watch it since here in Canada you see different commercials. The only commercial I noticed that was on the US side too was the GoDaddy one. Although, thanks to the Internet nowadays you can find them pretty easily. You can watch them all at

You have to wonder too whether or not any of them actually get people to buy things. Overall I don’t think the ads were that entertaining this year compared to previous years. I think of my favorite one this year in terms of effectiveness was the “Angry Bosses” one by Hyundai. The GoDaddy ones seemed like the “cheapest” where it is a very typical sex appeal approach.

The most shocking one for me was that ad. Not because there was anything revolutionary about it, but rather that company doesn’t have an admirable reputation online it seems. So many people label it as a “scam” or “fraud” with some pretty lengthy list of complaints and to see a celebrity in a commercial for it too was kind of shocking as I don’t think a company can resolve that many issues so quickly.

For the most part, all the ones that had some reference to the economy issues will probably generate the most return I’d say. Till next year.

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  • 😛 🙄 😉 😥 😮 😆 they were great

    SAMMARA 2/6/2009 11:30 am

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