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Such High Prices At A Health Store

I was looking for some apple cider vinegar today and it seems like most of the information I was reading was saying that the products can most commonly be found at health stores. So I naturally looked up some local places. My first reaction was how expensive the prices seemed. And yes, I did factor on how the products may be of a higher quality. However, I was looking at packaged items that can also be found in other supermarkets.

It made me wonder if the high prices is due to the expected audience where people normally don’t want to put a price on their health and are willing to invest a lot of money for food products. So as a result the prices are based on what people are willing to pay. No issue with that of course where in most cases you have to be willing to pay more for quality. But when the exact same item can be found elsewhere for like 30% less it should make you wonder. Guess shopping at specialty stores mean premium pricing as well.

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