Substituting Items When It Gets Too Expensive
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Substituting Items When It Gets Too Expensive


For whatever recently it seems like buying stalks of celery is insanely expensive. You would have to pay almost six dollars for stalk of celery that would normally only cost about two dollars. The theory is this is due to things like celery juice being a trend of sorts and so more people are buying it and bringing the price up. Regardless of it many people are still buying it where you can’t help but to feel being taken advantage of in a sense even though it is just a supply and demand factor.

It made me think though in these cases it’s better to try and find some kind of substitute instead. It definitely doesn’t taste the same but many people say cabbage can be an equally good substitute health wise. It is way cheaper too at this point. A key is you probably can’t adjust if you don’t try and truly adapt to it. For example, juicing cabbages to drink straight of course wouldn’t be as pleasant as celery. But like there with the money you save you can probably buy even more stuff like carrots to create an even healthier and better drink.

The key again is to actually adapt and create news things as opposed to treating it exactly the same as something else. I’m sure it will be best in the long-term for your wallet and health.

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