Stretching Out An Event Fee Even If You Don’t Really Want To
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Stretching Out An Event Fee Even If You Don’t Really Want To

I was thinking today as I took a trip to Bowen Island where I just spent most of the day doing a hike. Pretty much after the hike I started to head back home. To get there in the first place required a Ferry which of course costs money. With that ticket you could technically stay until the very last ferry which isn’t until later. That’s when I heard some comments from people on how they should stay long just for the sake of maximizing the value of the ticket.

I was thinking in those cases that while it’s true you are essentially trying to get the most out of the ticket value you are probably losing money too if you didn’t really plan to do anything other than staying for the sake of staying. With that time you could be doing something else that you actually need to do. They often say time is money right?

For myself in those situations I would feel it’s better to not try and get the most out of something even if you paid money for it. If you do plan to milk it for all it’s worth then that requires work and planning too I feel ahead of time.

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