Strange Neewer Business Practice For Price Differences

Strange Neewer Business Practice For Price Differences

Recently I was looking for a case add on for my Samsung S23 Ultra that would enable me to use ND filters to aid me in capturing better video during bright conditions. This company called Neewer was advertising a product that seemed to do what I was looking for. As it was a new product it seems they were advertising on the site that there was a pre-order discount. Originally it was about $96 but with the discount it was about $75 or so. It specifically lists it as Canadian dollars too.

This wasn’t just a random company too as I have heard about them for lighting equipment. Upon completing my order though the case did not seem to get a discount as I was charged the full price for that particular item as you can see. So I contacted the customer service to get an adjust and oddly enough the person indicated that was the correct price and implied it was because I was on the Canadian page.

As the person writes:

“Hello Alan,

Thanks for contacting Neewer Customer Service.

Sorry the price is different for different sites, if you are in CA then the price is as below, we can refund you the difference if you paid more than $92.99.”

So when I visited that page it now says the case is $122.99 bit with a discount it is 92.99. So did they just change it when I contacted them? Like before, it specifically says Canadian dollar. However, there was supposed to be a sale discount like before and when you checkout you can see the final price would be $74.40. That puts it in line with the $75 tag I saw before.

I have yet to hear a response, but what an odd business practice as before I literally gave them a screenshot on the site and it still says the original price I saw listed in Canadian dollars. I sent them all the proof again with even this new link. It makes me wonder what type of laws the business would potentially be breaking as they clearly advertise a certain price on the site and during checkout.

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