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Store Membership Prices That Still Cost More

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While doing some price checking for some almond milk today I noticed that one store was selling about one litre cases for about $2. I noticed in another place they were selling the exact same item for about $2.80 a box. As well, they had a sign saying how if you had the store membership card you could buy two for $5.

My assumption of course is that these memberships are targeting people who shop exclusively at the store where price comparing is not something one would do often maybe because of factors such as the lack of competition in the area. For me this is just one of the many examples on how just because a store is having a sale doesn’t mean you shouldn’t research where else you could buy it. You need to keep businesses on its toes too in order to get them to stay competitive.

Or at the same time, just because you get some kind of spiff from buying the item from a store as a result of a membership it may make way more sense financially still from buying it elsewhere. Your bargain shopping research is never done.

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