Stopping Others From Earning A Living

Stopping Others From Earning A Living

I always wondered about this as today I saw a person who seemed to focus so much in saying how expensive various company’s are when it comes to selling goods. He would go to like the places that they would advertise such as free classified ad listings and make posts on there to say how it is way cheaper to do various things by yourself. While many of it may be true, it was kind of interesting I thought at how much effort he was putting in which didn’t seem so much to try and help others but to stop people from earning money.

I think most people recognize that obviously if people are trying to earn a living on something that they can’t sell everything at or below cost as an example. As well, the price one charges can at many times be subjective based on perceived value. So in that sense why spend so much time mainly focused in trying take people down? The closest answer I have ever gotten from a person with that mentality is that they couldn’t believe people would be willing to pay money for whatever it is that they think is expensive.

That did lead into a mini debate where we eventually discussed that even in his line of work technically they were marking up a product like crazy in order to be profitable. It did shed a little light but it was pretty clear that the issue was more that since he wasn’t the one earning that money that somehow it is very wrong. In my opinion, instead of focusing so hard in stopping others maybe it would be better to use that energy to create something yourself. Example, if you think you offer a better service then try it yourself in a competitive way.

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