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Stopping Everything Just Because of A Name

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A lot of people I know seem to have resolutions that involved starting some kind of project. This could range from starting a business to simply writing. One common theme I heard was that many people are struggling to think of names for their projects. Therefore, because of that they aren’t actually starting with their ventures.

I find that many times you just have to do it. While I don’t doubt the importance of like branding and how that can heavily influence things like the exposure that you can get if it means like another month of you not actually doing anything then maybe it’s best to just use a placeholder of sorts. I still remember a story awhile back where the company Google was called something else where they eventually named it Google because one of its investors or something like that kept writing the cheque with its name misspelled to that.

I actually think I have one of the most confusing domain names as an example in relation to the topic I write about here. But if I didn’t just do it I guess you can say I would have missed out on all the great opportunities and people I have met through it too.

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