When To Stop Constantly Expanding And Investing In Other Things

When To Stop Constantly Expanding And Investing In Other Things

I was having a conversation today about various companies who went from being an industry monster to all of a sudden being irrelevant. While you would usually expect to hear topics such as bad management in this case the main reason for this particular business’ demise was apparently their lack of effort in diversify their portfolio with the money they had. The example used was how a company like Google didn’t just stay with searches but went into other things as well.

That is true in many ways where even as a regular individual diversifying would be the smart thing to do financially incase one thing dies out for whatever reason. It did make me think with that in mind when you would stop. For example, as an every day person would having one side business that brings in half of the income that your main work brings in be good enough? Or should you then go into more different types of investment to keep it going?

Speaking for myself I don’t know if I ever would truly stop if I had a good cycle and flow going and assuming it doesn’t actually take away things like my time. If you are able to leverage your time and have things on auto drive where you just need to check it out then it seems wasteful to stop.

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