Stocking Up When You Have Too Much With A Good Deal
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Stocking Up When You Have Too Much With A Good Deal


Today I noticed in the supermarket there 18kg bags of rice on sale for about $24 where at the same time I had a coupon where for every $20 I spent I could get $4 off. So I could literally get that large bag of rice for $20 or so. I first asked some family members if they needed any but everyone was good for the time being and even had some stored away. However, the deal was too good to pass up and so we actually still bought it since you can store it for such a long time.

I think this is actually important in saving a lot of money where if it’s something you use all the time and things like an expiry date aren’t really a factor then you should jump on the opportunity to stock up on it when a great deal is there. Just saying you have enough for now could potentially mean when you do run out and need to buy some more you are pretty much stuck with paying whatever the high retail price wold be on the day.

This is different from buying too much stuff that you can’t really use ultimately or that it would force you to use more than you need. I guess another way of thinking about it is that you are constantly saving money while you are in a good position to do so to keep the momentum going.

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