Still Price Checking After A Purchase
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Still Price Checking After A Purchase

Since a family member bought a pretty pricey kitchen appliance not too long ago I have kept an eye out to see if there were any price drops. Like most stores, you can usually get the difference refunded within X amount of days if you find that the price has dropped internally or at a competitor. I am surprised when people don’t this as for many once they buy the large purchase for them it’s done.

There have been so many times where say a week after my purchase the company introduced better sale prices or at times bundled discounts for the same item. I mentioned this before as an example where I had a family member that bought two items from a store where the week after a competitor was having a big discount if you bought three. Like there, I took advantage of the new sale offer where I was able to get more for less.

If you think about it, post-sale prices must happen pretty often for companies to even have a price protection policy for just that. So take advantage of it.

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