Still Getting The Paper Statement
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Still Getting The Paper Statement

I have been wondering recently on why it is that even though I have selected to have my credit card statement handled digitally I still get a paper statement. I even double checked to make sure I instructed the bank to get rid of the snail mail copies as well. I’m surprised they simply didn’t get rid of the option in general as a lot of banks are even charging fees for it in an effort to get everyone to switch when it comes to your everyday banking statements.

The usual reason I hear on why people want the paper statement still is that they feel it is safer. I personally don’t think it is any less safe compared to a digital only option. Because of that, to me it really comes down to organization and convenience ultimately. I think the only thing I haven’t really embraced as much is using apps on smartphones to do your banking. It feels a little too premature to entrust so much sensitive data on your phone. Then again, there are even some businesses that instantly transfer invoice digitally in real-time as opposed to giving paper copy receipt. Will only be a matter of time for this to be a standard.

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