Staying Within A Hobbyist Budget
Financial Management

Staying Within A Hobbyist Budget

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The other day I received a message from a person where he noticed there were finally batteries on sale for the drone that I own as I was interested in either getting an extra battery or an external power supply. He then mentioned how ideally for the drone it would be best if I had three batteries and the external power supply. The thing is each battery is about $120 without tax yet where that is getting kind of pricey considering I am flying a drone as a hobbyist. I then mentioned I can only justify that expense if I was doing it as a profession.

I usually use this as a self-disciplined way to make sure I don’t over spend on my hobby and entertainment purchases. Just because you can buy it doesn’t mean it necessarily makes sense financially. Like in this case I tend to make myself earn it where if I was to spend that much then I better find a way to actually earn money with it.

It’s a good balance I feel where it stops me from over spending while at the same time constantly makes me explore the type of things one can do to generate an income in their life. Funny enough shooting drone footage commercially is something I was interested in. But until I actually have all the protocols in place the drone is only going to get the hobbyist budget.

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