Staying Frugal Even With Free Money Offers
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Staying Frugal Even With Free Money Offers

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So today I brought some family members to take advantage of the grocery coupon which was if you spent $50 you could get $10 back in points. So essentially a 20% savings. Now regardless of this most of us were still carefully looking at the prices to make sure we were buying good deals. For example, if this jar of peanut butter is normally $6 and today for whatever reason it is $6 then it would be silly to get it.

One situation came up where a person was buying stuff and because she knew she would be essentially getting a free $10 towards her grocery bill she was saying how we just shouldn’t care about the price and just fill up since we get free money anyways. Of course that got a reaction from a lot of us on how if you do that it kind of negates the whole notion of saving money with this offer.

I do find that is something people need to train themselves on. It relates to so many other things too where like a business you want to make sure the net profit is actually higher. Otherwise it defeats the essence of earning more in hopes that you will actually have more. Same thing when it comes to saving money in these cases too. In my opinion, these opportunities to get free money and huge discounts should help you to get further in terms of being debt free or financially independent if you are not already a person that has more money than what you know to do with it.

I feel it’s giving you an opportunity to keep more money for yourself which you can then invest in other things to further your financial goals.

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