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Staying With or Exploring New Brand Purchases

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So recently my parent’s kettle broke and so they needed a new one. It was only about a year old too but they liked the one they had a lot. So they were looking for the exact same brand. As I was looking for some modern day options some of them looked pretty good for the price. However, because they were so brand loyal in a sense it seemed like getting the best value wasn’t exactly on their mind and they would automatically be negative in even looking at other brands.

So it made me think when you have a need to purchase an item do you think it’s better to always stick to a brand that worked for you in the past or do you openly explore new brands as well? For myself I usually try and focus on things like the technical specs for products which in a sense means the brand name isn’t that important in the big picture. Because many times I know products are all manufactured at the same place except it is labelled differently.

I think it is important to explore new brands too so that you are better aware on what is an appropriate price to pay for a product. Just always staying with one brand to me is like just shopping at one grocery store all the time without checking things like the flyers for multiple places. Like there most likely you aren’t getting the best deals by not expanding your potential shopping options.

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