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Starting With A Cheap Camera Solution Versus No Video Solution

Sunny drone shot

With all the topics of police brutality and people demanding for change it was interesting how here it seems like body cameras on police officers are going to become mandatory. This is already a standard in certain parts of the world and one of the factors is cost as to why a lot of places didn’t want to implement such a system. It did make me think even for a general business would you opt to use a very cheap camera system for security even if the quality is bad? Example, a black and white camera that only records choppy fifteen frames per second.

In many ways I think in these cases something is better than nothing. Especially if the cost to maintain it is very minimal. As well, it can at least get you to start testing to see what kind of solution you truly need. For example, imagine for a police department they spent tens of thousands of dollars on a great quality camera where you think that’s all they need. In reality the camera footage is way too shaky with bad audio in practice. Like there having one with mediocre picture but stabilized video may be better. This higher quality one would be better suited in say a store where it is still.

Or likewise you may find having a super high quality camera takes up way too much memory and is unnecessary as you aren’t making a Hollywood movie. I think starting small for these cases is better than nothing. You can learn a lot about what you truly need once you start small.

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