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Stacking Small Payments Into A Large Amount To Build Financial Confidence

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Ever since I started to work as a teenager one thing that I had a weird habit of was collecting my cheques from work and only bringing them to the bank when the amount was substantial such as $500. I was working at a Mcdonalds fast food restaurant and usually my weekly cheque would be about $200 to $300. That didn’t feel like it was much and so I would accumulate my cheques for the whole month or so and then bring it to the bank.

In practicality this makes no sense as you should put it in the bank and get interest. But I found that the psychological effect of depositing a large amount helped to motivate me to save money while making me realize how much money I can earn doing almost anything if you save and spend wisely. It almost reminds me of that snowball debt strategy that some people use where you pay off the smallest bills first to build that momentum and confidence even though it may make no sense where your higher bills accumulate outrageous interest.

This came to my mind as I was thinking how I did some work for an agency where for a month I have let that income pile up without taking it yet since it is a side income. If I do go pick it up the amount is over $1000 which feels very different. It adds some perspective as to how much one can make doing that on the side. Maybe doing these little things to build your confidence can help you as well in being able to manage your finances with more confidence to the point where you control the money and not the other way around.

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