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Spending To Not Disappoint Guests

Today a friend invited me to do some daring challenges such as jumping off an extremely high platform while being securely attached with a harness. Normally this place would cost people money but he had a pass from his place of employment that enables him and a guest to do the attraction for free. It took about two hours of travel to get there too. The first time he went he went through an obstacle course which lasted an hour. He wanted me to experience that too.

We first did the platform jumping as it was something new apparently which took like five minutes. Afterwards, he suggested we try the obstacle course. However, an attendant told him that his pass actually only enabled him to experience one attraction for free. Therefore, if we wanted to try the other events it would cost money. That was definitely a shocker to him and he felt kind of obliged to pay since he invited me as a guest. However, I fully understood the awkward situation and mentioned he didn’t have to spend money as I felt it was more about him experiencing the new attraction where I was simply a guest.

Usually when I encounter personal situations where I thought everything would be free I normally wouldn’t opt to pay for more. Example, going to a restaurant where you assume the entire meal is free and then you discover that they will charge you for simple things like a glass of water. I would treat it more as a live and learn. It was just interesting to see this happen this way where people are put in a situation where they feel they have to spend to not disappoint.

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