Spending Time Responding Your Business Reviews

Spending Time Responding Your Business Reviews

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People often say when you are going through your path to start some kind of business you will encounter a lot of naysayers and negative people. It is suggested that you simply ignore them and keep going where you should try and surround yourself with positive people. That’s true in many cases. However, it was surprising for me to see people suggest this when it comes to critical reviews of one’s business. For example, if you have ten positive reviews for your product and one scathing negative review you should just ignore it.

I personally think this is different and you should in some way try and respond to it. The reason being is that many times people will interpret silence in these ways as confirmation that it is true when it comes to online reviews. That can definitely cost a business a lot of money as customers can easily be persuaded to go with the business with perfect ratings as an example instead. So it seems like it’s for your benefit to at least try and rectify it publicly. That way the public can make a better conclusion if the person is unreasonable as an example.

This is different from people just personally insulting you as it doesn’t directly relate to the quality of what you offer. If anything it can just show that someone fears you getting bigger each day. In those cases I think ignoring is probably the best idea. But when it comes to reviews about your business I think one should try and address it.

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