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Spending Time On Valentine’s Day

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Not surprisingly, today I saw massive lineups for everything flower and chocolate related for those looking to buy some last minute gifts. They say Valentine’s day is a retail invented holiday. Either way, businesses sure are raking it in today. I did decide to do something special today too except it involved mainly time.

I decided to make my valentine a person who was going through a lot of difficulties in life such as being a cancer survivor and as a result even the simple things such as getting out of the house was a challenge for her. Since the person was located far away as well what I decided to do was simply spend time with the person using various forms of digital communications. For example, going to places, taking pictures, sending it to her, having fun chats as I showed her places she was interested in, etc.

Great thing was, she seemed to value the time and experience so much which brought a smile to everyone’s face. This just goes to show you that while these types of days for the most part encourage people to spend money in an effort to show your care or appreciation to another, don’t forget in the end it’s about spending time.

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