Spending So Much For A Simple Meal
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Spending So Much For A Simple Meal

While out in Whistler today I was with a person who got extremely hungry in a cranky way where until he got something to eat he would probably be extremely inefficient and vocal throughout the day. Therefore, he pretty much just went with what seemed to be the most convenient option. Due to time constraints, he didn’t even order that much either as it was simply some French toast and a glass of lemonade. The bill? It was over $16.

It was kind of funny timing too as I was having a conversation with him due to how he expressed that he is in a mountain of debt and has credit card debt to the extreme. Eating out was one of the things I mentioned that people would need to cut back on which he mentioned it’s not something he does often. Yet in this day alone he technically dined out about three times. It made me wonder how often this happens even if he didn’t do it every day.

Of course when you are far away from home dining out is pretty much the sole option for many. But keeping your receipts is a good way to evaluate if maybe you can do something to better make sure you can avoid having to spend outrageous prices like these for a meal if you are tight on a budget. Example, even researching a head of time if there are local markets in the area where you can buy food that can be a lot better and cheaper is not a bad alternative. Like most things, saving money takes work too.

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